St. Andrew's Health Center
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History Of St. Andrew's Health Center

St. Andrew's Health Center was founded in 1911 by Father Joseph L. Andrieux, Pastor of St. Mark's Church, in collaboration with Dr. J.A. Johnson, Dr. Alexander Russell MacKay and other community leaders. He obtained a building from the School of Forestry located on the bank of the creek. Fr. Andrieux made arrangements with the Provincial Superior of the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation to employ sisters for the facility. The first of these sisters arrived in September, 1913, and the hospital opened on October 10, 1913, Old Hospital Buildingstaffed by 7 sisters.

In 1918, a new hospital building was erected (picture at right). At that time, the authorities believed that the problem of construction was permanently solved! However, after only ten years, the hospital facilities were again inadequate and its size was doubled by the addition of a new wing in 1928. With this addition, there were 22 rooms and two large wards permitting accommodations for over 40 patients.

In six months time, between 1920 and 1921, three of the founding sisters died. They were Sr. Olympe, Sr. Marie Gildas, and Sr. Gilbert. A hospital staffed by the sisters in Spring Valley, IL provided much needed assistance by sending two nurses, Sr. Marie Rosaire (Mother Rose) and Sr. Joseph.

In 1938, a four-story nurse’s dormitory was built with accommodations for 50 students.

In 1956, a grant from the Ford Foundation was used in the construction of a new wing which housed new Obstetrics, Central Service, and Laundry Departments. An ambulance entrance was also added.

To invite greater community involvement in the operation of St. Andrew's, an advisory board was organized in 1959. In 1960 the facility, in need of a new x-ray machine and boiler equipment, held its first fund drive. The goal was $35,000, and the fund drive netted $29,613.

In 1966, the facility again needed more room and another fund drive was launched. The total project cost was $2.2 million dollars and was completed in 1970, which is the present St. Andrew's. The hospital that Father Andrieux initiated in 1913 has now been completely replaced, however change and progress has continued over the years.

In 1986, the 1957 addition was renovated into 14 apartments.

In 1993, St. Andrew's changed its name from St. Andrew's Hospital and Nursing Home to St. Andrew's Health Center.

View of St. Andrews  Health Center

In 1996, the nurse’s dorm was demolished and Apartments were constructed on the southeast side of the facility.

In 1999, St. Andrew's remodeled the former ambulance garage and conference room on the northwest side of the facility into St. Andrew's Clinic, which includes 9 exam rooms and a minor surgery room.

In July of 2000, St. Andrew's was designated as both a Level IV Trauma and a Critical Access Hospital. A number of changes were made to meet requirements of Critical Access designation.

On September 30, 2001, St. Andrew's de-certified its nursing home beds.

In December of 2002, the 1986 apartment space was allocated into offices and storage space. 

As of July 1, 2004, St. Andrew's has been designated as a Trauma Level V.

On October 1, 2004 St. Andrew's Clinic changed its designation to a Rural Health Clinic.

During the years of 2001-2005, St. Andrew's had a campaign drive to assist with the financial viability of SAHC.

May 2014; the emergency room renovation project was completed. Emergency room usage had increased in the previous years, leading to St. Andrew's Health Center's decision to expand from a 2-bed to a 4-bed emergency room; a capital campaign drive assisted to raise funds for the project.

February 2016, the St. Andrew's Health Center Auxiliary made the difficult decision to disband.

Also in February of 2016, St. Andrew's Health Center upraded our generator. The new generator will provide power to all of our necessary medical equipment, patient rooms, bathrooms, and hallways for the safety and security of our patients and staff. Offering up to 500kw of power, this new generator meets the requirements of the ND Life Safety Code and allows for future growth potential of our facility's power needs.

St. Andrew's is currently licensed as a 25-bed, Critical Access Hospital, with a Rural Health Clinic and 14 St. Andrew's apartments attached.