St. Andrew's Health Center
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Our Medical Providers



In the ER, our providers include Dr. Hamilton, FNP Sharp and FNP Arnold


In the Clinic, our providers include Dr. Skjolden, FNP Larson, Dr. Miller & FNP Marquardt (currently out on medical leave).. 

Dr. Kihle is in on Wednesdays only. To schedule an appointment, please call our clinic at 228-9400







Robert Hamilton, MD
Chassidy Sharp, FNP
Steve Arnold, FNP




Jessica Skjolden, MD
Brenda Marquardt, FNP
Cory Miller, MD


Tracy Larson, FNP                                              Kenneth Kihle, MD

Our Visiting Specialists:

Cardiology, Valentine Chikwendu, M.D.


Gastroenterology, Edmundo Justino, M.D.

Orthopedics, Ravindra Joshi, M.D. 


Podiatry, Tyson Williams, M.D.


Rural Mental Health Consortium: 
For appointments or questions, call 228-9349.
Opthamologist, Evelyne Kindy, M.D.