St. Andrew's Health Center
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Our Medical Providers



                                              In the ER, our providers include Dr. Hamilton, FNP Sharp and FNP Arnold.

                               In the Clinic, our providers include Dr. Skjolden, Dr. Miller, Dr. Kihle, FNP Larson, and FNP Tiffany.

                                                      To schedule a Clinic appointment, please call our clinic at 228-9400.







Robert Hamilton, MD
Chassidy Sharp, FNP
Steve Arnold, FNP




Jessica Skjolden, MD
Kelly Tiffany , FNP
Cory Miller, MD


Tracy Larson, FNP                                              Kenneth Kihle, MD

Our Visiting Specialists:

Cardiology, Valentine Chikwendu, M.D.

Gastroenterology, Edmundo Justino, M.D.

Orthopedics, Ravindra Joshi, M.D. 

Podiatry, Tyson Williams, M.D.

Rural Mental Health Consortium: 
For appointments or questions, call 228-9349.
Opthamologist, Evelyne Kindy, M.D.