St. Andrew's Health Center
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St. Andrew's Health Center enjoys working with volunteers. We have many opportunities for volunteers, directly with our swingbed patients or behind the scenes throughout the facility.

Volunteering can happen directly with our patients in multiple ways:

  • Paint nails or fix hair
  • Cooking or baking activity
  • Help take patients outside
  • Share stories or photos
  • Play board games, cards, bingo, etc.
  • Just visit
  • Read newspapers, articles, books or magazines
  • Entertainment - singing or playing a musical instrument
  • Help wheel patients to activities or meals
  • And many more

Some of the behind the scenes volunteer opportunities include:

  • Folding & labeling newsletters
  • Filing charts
  • Assembling informational packets
  • Sorting medical records
  • And much more

If you are interested in giving of yourself and your time you simply need to contact St. Andrew's Volunteer Coordinator at 228-9300.